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Enabling Growth for our Tenant Partners

Development Services

What do we do?

We identify, acquire, and develop premium real estate on a national scale to lease to our tenant partners. Acting as an external real estate arm, we enable our partners to scale rapidly into target markets typically constrained by lack of leasable real estate. We also acquire real estate in tandem with buyers in M&A transactions to lessen capital requirements.

Who do we work with?

Our tenant partners are medium and large companies seeking rapid expansion via M&A and new site development that requires identifying and securing quality real estate at scale.

What is our capacity?

DRB is capitalized to support extensive expansion mandates in any market in the United States. From market analysis, to site selection and acquisition, DRB enables tenant partners to scale their business at a rapid pace. 

What is our goal?

DRB aims to partner with best-in-class operators to increase their presence and impact on communities across the Unites States by reducing capital requirements and enabling scale via real estate. 

Driving Success Through Growth

We consider our tenants partners, and we aim to improve their business by enabling rapid growth.

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